Song of Songs Festival in Torun, Poland Like every year, fans of Christian music will gather at the Ruins of Teutonic Knights’ Castle to listen to their favourite music played by new artists as well as the best Polish and international stars performing this kind of music. It is already the ninth edition of this indubitably biggest Christian musical festival in the Central and Eastern Europe. The Toruń festival, enjoying increasing popularity for years, is not only a celebration of Christian music. It is also an opportunity to meet thousands of young people who in this way, during such an unique musical event, begin their summer holidays. Every year in order to meet the expectations of such diverse audience, the organisers prepare the festival in such a way that everybody can find something for themselves. About the Festival The Song of Songs Festival is the International Ecumenical Christian Music Festival, which has already taken place nine times in Toruń. It is the biggest in the Central and Eastern Europe presentation of top Polish artists as well as of brilliant international individual artists and groups who perform modern and professional Christian music. At the festival, where thousands of people from Poland gather every year, there are also many accompanying international events. The idea and the goal of this annual event are based on the conviction that in the uniting Europe it is possible and necessary to seek areas where young people may find a common ground with others who feel and think in a similar way. Music is the best means to achieve it, especially music inspired by the Christian tradition and Evangelic truth. It is also a means to fight prejudices against, hostility, and indifference towards other people or other religious denominations. The Ecumenical Festival Toruń has had the atmosphere promoting ecumenical events for hundreds of years. One should mention the Europe-famous Colloquium Charitativum in 1645, or the brotherly meeting as it was called, which was the first dialogue after the Reformation between the Catholics and Protestants attempting to find peace and understanding between the two already divided Churches. The Song of Songs festival is not only music, concerts, and joyful singing. Most of all, it is a great ecumenical celebration, during which followers of three religions pray together. Every year ecumenical prayers are organised in which representatives of various churches participate during the festival. Since the first festival, every year there has been the Eucharist celebrated at the Cathedral of Ss. John the Evangelist and John the Baptist, concelebrated by His Excellency Ordinary Bishop of Toruń and representatives of the Orthodox, protestant and catholic churches. Small Stage The Song of Songs Festival is a multidimensional event. Every year during the first day of the festival in Toruń, the organisers provide an opportunity for young singers and groups to present their own ideas for Christian music. It is a rich kind of music, but still unappreciated. Although an opinion about Christian music has not been favourable for a long time, the festival is attempting to change it, especially now that the artistic level of groups playing this kind of music is rising and becoming more professional. That is why, after a few-year break, the organisers of the festival have decided to come back to the idea of a small stage and present the artistic work of the enthusiasts and fans of Christian music. This is how they want to encourage people to listen to this kind of music because it not only carries sound and voice, but it also expresses true values. It is a prefect combination of music and deep lyrics, and the two constitute the main criterion for the evaluation of groups taking part in the contest. The prize is the recording of a professional music video for the winning song. Artists Artists who have performed this sort of music for years have taken part in all the editions of the Song of Songs Festival. Many of them made their debut on the stage in Toruń and today have thousands of fans. As the only Christian music festival we can boast about the fact that every year the main concert in which the greatest Polish and international stars perform is broadcast by Program 2 Telewizji Polskiej (Channel Two of Polish Television), Polonia TV, and on line via the Internet, thanks to which many people all over the world can listen to and watch concerts live. This form of musical events enables all participants of the festival to find something for themselves.
How to get here? This musical event purposely takes place in Copernicus’ city, in the heart of an old beautiful city which has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. The festival music resounds for two days among the walls of Stara Fosa at the Ruins of the Teutonic Knights’ Castle. A beautiful view on Vistula River and the amazingly illuminated Old Town stretches out around. It creates an exceptional atmosphere which is incomparable to any other festival or concert. Look at: map24.com Media about the Festival Every year the festival accredits about one hundred journalists from Poland, and now also international journalists and promoters of Christian music. The television partner of the festival is Program 2 Telewizji Polskiej (Channel Two of Polish Television), which broadcast the SONG OF SONGS Television Concert live, and then shows it many times. The coverage of the Toruń festival is also presented on Polonia TV and iTVP. Contacts: SONG OF SONGS FESTIVAL SOS MUSIC sp.j. Remigiusz Trawiński i Wojciech Zaguła Jagielońska 20/1 87-100 Toruń tel./fax.: +48 56 6521016 e-mail: festiwal@songofsongs.pl

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